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How to…Low Bun

TIP of the month…HOW TO…LOW BUN
With the nice weather finally here, so is the want to try something new! Why not learn a new hair styling trick, just in time for all those fun spring and summer events coming up. Hair Blvd. would love to share a quick and easy ‘low bun style’ updo for you to try at home. Here is a simple how to photo guide to give you the perfect low bun style!


If you have any questions for our team of experts, please feel free to send us an email at experience@hairblvd.com

How to…BUN

Wondering how to achieve the newest trend? Here is a ‘quick how to’ picture guide, showcasing the “Sock Bun”. If you have any questions, please feel free to email the team of experts at Hair Blvd at experience@hairblvd.com

how to...BUN

How to…CURL

Feeling like you need a change on your day to day style, but aren’t ready to cut your hair shorter or color it drastically?  Hair Blvd. has the perfect solution for you, that will take approximately 10 minutes and last you at least 2 days of wear.  Many different styles of curls look great on everyone, but in todays fashion trends, it’s the loose, tossled look that is what will be noticed.  Hair Blvd.’s team of experts have CUSTOM DESIGNED this curling technique, for the busy individuals in todays society.  Follow these few quick and easy steps, and be on your way to having an easy trick up your sleeve on those days you just need that FIX!

Recommended products: Blowdry with Milk_shake’s Shaping foam and Finish with Milk_shake’s Open Air Hairspray.


How to…CURL

1) Divide your hair into two sections, top and bottom, using eye level as a guide. Clip top section up.

2) Starting on one side (bottom), hold your first section of hair  straight out at 90 degrees from your head.  Your first section should start at your hairline and go until just behind your ear.

3) Take your curling iron with the barrel (round part) facing towards the back of your head, clamp it onto your hair and curl your first section.  Once you are completed your first curl, don’t touch it, leave it as a tight ringlet, and remember to do the same for the other curls, as this is what will keep your curls lasting all day.

4) Continue with section 2 and 3 on the same side and curling in the same direction, then repeat on the opposite side, starting again from your hairline and work back, remembering to keep the barrel towards the back of your head, so you are wrapping the hair away from your face.

5) Drop out your top section and repeat steps 2,3 and 4, the only change will be instead of holding your hair out at 90 degrees as you did on the bottom section, you will now be holding it out on a 45 degree angle which will create more volume on top.

6) Once completed curling all of your hair, flip your head upside down, put your hands in your hair, massage your scalp  and slightly shake out the curls.  Flip up and apply Milk_Shake’s Open Air Hairspray, to ensure it lasts, and remember that although it seems volumeous and a bit pouffy it will fall within the first 10-20 minutes.  You may need to make a few slight adjustments on curls by wrapping the hair around your finger if you have any pieces that are sticking out or aren’t falling into place.


In just 6 short steps, you are left with a new look, that lasts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Hair Blvd. at experience@hairblvd.com or give us a call at (905)235.5885.

Introducing DRY SHAMPOO

Wishing you could push your hair just one more day from having to be washed?  We have the perfect solution! Recently Hair Blvd. brought in a new product line called LABEL M.   Its a line directly from London, England, and has a wide range of products for many different hair types and needs.  One product specifically, that stands above the rest is called ‘Dry Shampoo’.  Dry shampoo comes in a hairspray like bottle, and is meant to be sprayed on your roots, in the areas you find greasy.  Once it is applied to your roots, brush your hair through and voila! you are good for an extra 1-2 days from having to shampoo and condition your hair in the shower.

If you would like to reserve your Dry Shampoo today, contact Teresa or Christina at experience@hairblvd.com


Feeling frazzled over frizz?

Eliminate summer frizz with this simple technique!

Summer Time tends to make us ladies that have a wave or curl in our hair extra frizzy!!!!!! Try using Milk_Shakes’s Glistening Milk and a little bit of Curl Passion Designer Cream in your hair to tame your locks! While your hair is still damp apply the products evenly through your hair then style as desired. When your style is set use a little extra Curl Passion Designer Cream to define some of your curls. Have a great hair day!

Hair Blvd. Dry Hair Tip

Tip for eliminating dry hair

Dry hair… Try this!

For people who feel they NEED to wash their hair every day, but find that their hair is very dry:
Instead of using shampoo every time you shower, try using shampoo + conditioner one day, then the next day use ONLY conditioner! This will give your hair a fresh feel, without removing the natural oils! Try doing even two days of only conditioning, and one day of shampoo – you will notice a big difference! For even better results use color maintainer shampoo and conditioner, it’s very light and very moisturizing 🙂
Fight Fading Colour!

Fight the fade with Integrity 41!

Are you finding that your hair color is fading soon after having it done? One main reason could be the shampoo you are using! Certain shampoos are too harsh for colored hair, because they have sulphates in them, which creates a nice lather but strips you hair and can leave your color looking flat and dull. Our Milk_Shake Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioning Mask is 98% organic, with 2% silicones to give it great slip and shine and a shelf life. It smells great and will protect your color with integrity 41!

struggling with your blowdry

It doesn’t have to be a struggle!

Try taking hair clips, and sectioning off your hair into 6 small sections. Start blowdrying the bottom section first then work your way to the top and sides. For a stubborn fringe, dry your bangs first! This will be much easier than trying to dry your hair all at once. Use a shine and protecting serum such as Milk_Shake’s Argan Oil before starting your blowdry!